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What is the AMEF?

The Arts Meets Environment Festival (AMEF) is a three-year programme of arts workshops, festival days and training opportunities for young people aged between 14-27. Workshops are free to those who live in the Rockingham Forest (and for the Festival Committee members) and a nominal fee of £2 for 2 hour workshops and £5 for full day workshops is charged for others.

The Rockingham Forest area includes most villages in the Corby and Kettering boroughs and East Northamptonshire district as well as the towns of Desborough, Oundle, Rothwell and Thrapston.

Transport can be provided if you live in the Rockingham Forest area or are a member of the Festival Committee free of charge but please give sufficient notice.

The Festival Committee of young people leads the project, with the support of the Project Co-ordinator and a Steering Group - new memebers are always welcome. Being part of the AMEF Festival Committee entitles you to:

- FREE workshops

- FREE training

- FREE visits to other Festivals

- YOUR say in the AMEF 07 Music Concert

- Earn a £5 music voucher if 3 of your friends attend at least 3 meetings

- Earn a £10 music voucher if you also join the Festival Committee and attend at least 3 meetings

- Earn a top-up card for your mobile if you promote AMEF to your friends
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